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Bishop Steel Works Exterior Collage
Bishop Steel Works Factory
Bishop Steel Works Factory
Bishop Steel Works Factory
Bishop Steel Works Factory

We Invest In Growth

Once a powerhouse supporting Gulf Oil and Atlantic Steel, Bishop Steel Works now stands as a testament to innovation and entrepreneurial spirit...

Bishop Steel Works is located in the heart of the area that helped build Atlanta. The soul of innovation still permeates the area in this booming innovation economy. Originally part of the facilities that supported Gulf Oil and Atlantic Steel, today, a new generation of innovators is leading the way exploring new horizons.

The Atlantic Steel Company and the industries that surrounded and supported it were a key part of the Atlanta skyline beginning in 1901.



The Community

Our vibrant West-Midtown hub is a melting pot of dynamic businesses and forward-thinking professionals. Join a community that fosters connections, encourages bold ideas, and celebrates collective success. At Bishop Steel Works, every venture is part of a shared narrative, creating a collaborative ecosystem where your business can flourish. Elevate your work experience in a community that defines success through the strength of its relationships.

Surrounded by vibrant living spaces, dining options, and creative hubs. Over $2 billion in investment has transformed this area into a special district.

Discover unmatched convenience at Bishop Steel Works in Atlanta's vibrant West-Midtown. Our prime position ensures proximity to urban attractions—immerse in Atlantic Station's retail haven, explore Interlock's innovative spaces, savor Westside Provisions' culinary delights, and witness Star Metals' architectural marvel. Bishop Steel Works offers more than a workspace; it provides immediate access to Atlanta's modern lifestyle, seamlessly blending work and play.

Bishop Steel Works Beam

The Amazing Architecture

Experience the fusion of history and modernity at Bishop Steel Works, where echoes of Atlanta's industrial past blend with contemporary innovation. Our authentic loft suites feature a wonderful architectural blend, paying homage to the steelworkers' legacy while offering a dynamic environment for today's trailblazers. Step into a space where exposed brick meets sleek design—Bishop Steel Works, where every detail tells a story, and your workspace becomes a work of art.

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